Consolidating 6 legacy CRM solutions

The Brief

Irdeto had been acquiring multiple start-ups and small businesses over the years; each of them had own CRM solutions for sales, marketing and customer support. As part of Irdeto's IT strategy it was decided to rollout Microsoft Dynamics CRM and consolidate the various existing CRMs onto a common platform.
By the time we were brought on board, the project was half implemented but at 100% budget due to scope creep.

The Approach

We halted the project and re-baselined it by capturing all requirements and redefining the project plan, roles & responsibilities and the budget.
Based on our recommendation, the project was split into more manageable work packages. Each package focussed on migrating one legacy CRM solution by:

  1. Preparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  2. Training the users and creating documentation
  3. Migrating data
  4. Retiring legacy system

The Challenges

The consolidation of the legacy systems was driven by the corporate strategy and not the stakeholders. Since using a common system required making compromises, there was a general reluctance to switch to the new solution in each department. As a result, the project board had to frequently involve senior management to expedite the decision-making processes.

The Result

During our engagement we successfully migrated four out of the six legacy systems. As part of the new customer strategy, the remainder of the project was handed to an outsourcing partner.