Stabilising and restructuring an Enterprise PMO

A Quarter IT was approached to help Pitney Bowes address the performance of their outsourced project management office (PMO).

The Brief

At the time when we were brought on-board, the internal customer satisfaction in regards to project delivery and value add of the PMO was at its lowest. The PMO was seen as an obstacle, not an enabler. Likewise the outsourcing partner struggled with the lack of long term planning.

The Approach

We proposed a high level programme structure for realising the suggested transformational changes. Our recommendation was split into three tranches which focussed on:

  1. Quick wins and big impact changes to stabilise the department
  2. Improving existing processes and structure
  3. Adding new processes, roles and responsibilities to address existing gaps

The Challenges

The main challenge was to increase the quality of the delivery whilst the company was going through a cost optimisation phase and recovering the relationship between stakeholders, outsourcing partners and the head of the department.

We addressed this by reducing the turnover of project managers, thus retaining knowledge, ensuring stable relationships and reducing cost. By redefining the responsibilities across the organisation we created a more collaborative and transparent environment.


The programme is considered a huge success since the visibility of the PMO was drastically improved, together with the quality of delivery and the customer satisfaction whilst at the same time reducing cost. Most importantly though, the relationship with the outsourcing partner was recovered and will ensure a long-lasting effect of the transformational changes.


A Quarter IT did an amazing job. Their consultant was very organised and had that positive energy which a consultant must have.
Their ongoing support and professionalism helped me and my team to go through the changes. The consultant did make a big difference in the work environment and helped me recover the relationship with our outsourcing partner.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and am looking forward to using their services again.

Head of PMO